As Alison in Fun Home: 

  • "Bowen, with her cropped hair and bold-rimmed glasses, is a dead ringer for the actual Alison Bechdel, never leaving the stage as she wholeheartedly investigates the imperfect fragments of memory. She excels in the final car ride confrontation in her last attempt to comprehend her psychologically bewildering father." - Bruce Burgun, The New Orleans Advocate

  • "I will say this... while it felt slightly trippy to have all three Alisons (small, medium, and adult) on stage at the same time, the three actresses seemed to have formed this incredible bond that is vital to this show working the way it's supposed to. They're three different people playing the same character at different stages of her life, so they have got to be on the same page as far as how they understand their character. If even one starts to think about the character differently, the chemistry is gone and it can seem like three separate characters rather than only one person. Brava to Chrissy Bowen, Taylor Lewis, and Camille Burkey for pulling this off flawlessly!" - Heidi Scheuermann,

  • "[Fun Home] is smartly acted and features a dream cast of superb players...Chrissy Bowen’s final scene in a car with her father, “Telephone Wire,” is filled with emotion and poignancy, as she wishes there were things that could have been said between of them." - Alan Smason,

  • "All three of the Alisons (Small, Medium, and Adult) are skillfully portrayed and beautifully sung. Seventh grader Camille Burkey, in the role of young Alison; Taylor Lewis playing college-student Alison; and Chrissy Bowen as all-grown-up, retrospective Alison are just three stars among a very talented cast." - Kathy Bradshaw,

Photo: John B. Barrois